Selling terms

Selling terms:
The only valid terms are those stated in our order confirmation, irrespective of what is stated in the buyer’s order form.

Our prices are EXW (our warehouse in Nynäshamn). For any delay in payment, 2% interest per month will be invoiced.

Delivery time:
The time of delivery stated in our order confirmation is valid, provided we are not let down by our suppliers or sub suppliers or delayed due to strikes, lockouts and other similar difficulties.

Responsibility for shipment:
When a shipment is handed over to the forwarder responsibility of the goods is transferred to the buyer. If goods delivered disappear or arrive damaged, it is the buyer’s duty to complain to the forwarder, even when delivered CIF. Damage caused by unprofessional packing on our part will be followed by replacement delivery free of charge.

Over and under delivery:
When ordering products diverging from our catalogue standards, the buyer must accept over or under delivery + or -10%.

Ownership of goods:
Until the goods are fully paid for they are still our property.

Complaints about fabrication or material faults must be made within 8 days of receiving the goods. Legitimate complaints will be followed by replacement delivery free of charge. Any claims resulting from the above complaints cannot be settled in monetary terms.