- 01. Sliding Bearings and Bushings

Sliding Bearings and Bushings
Kontima Sliding Bearings and Bushings
Kontima Feroglide/FiberglideKontima Feroglide/Fiberglide
Feroglide (Fiberglide)
A series of totally lubrication and maintenance free sliding bearings that were originally developed for the aviation industry, they are used when it is necessary to use the best materials and components. Feroglide sliding bearings are characterized by very low friction coefficients, they withstand high loads as well as relatively large edge loads and the woven PTFE fabric means the bearing withstands vibration and has good dampening characteristics. The bearing is delivered with a backing of either mild steel, stainless steel or bronze.
Kontima Sliding bearing bushingsKontima Sliding bearing bushings
Sliding bearing bushings
Our rolling sliding bearings constitute a series of good value bushings that are available in lubricant free or lubricant version. FRIMET is a bearing with steel backing (or bronze) and an internal PTFE layer. DRINOX is a bearing with a stainless steel backing and internal PTFE layer. BRM 10 is a bronze bushing with internal grease pockets; BRM 80 has penetrating lubrication holes. BIMET is a steel bearing with an internal bronze layer with grease pockets. FRIMIX is a steel bearing with an internal plastic layer with grease pockets. Please consult us to choose the correct type of bearing.

Kontima Oil bronze bushingsKontima Oil bronze bushings
Oil bronze bushings
Consists of sintered self-lubricating bearings for different types of machine designs e.g. packing machines, lawnmowers, cars and vacuum cleaners etc. The bearing is impregnated with oil that, during the shaft's rotation, is forced out through the bearing's pores to provide an oil film between the bearing and the shaft. Between 20 and 30% of the bearing's volume consists of oil and normally this is sufficient for thousands of hours of operating time.
Kontima Bearing bushings in polyamideKontima Bearing bushings in polyamide
Bearing bushings in polyamide
Made from polyamide 6.6, which has good sliding characteristics, high mechanical strength and is generally a hardwearing plastic. Therefore, it is a suitable choice as simpler slide bearings in vehicles and machines where, moreover, price is of great significance. For applications where there are special requirements, we can deliver bushings in other plastic materials. Apart from bushings, we stock a standard series of sprockets in Delrin.

Kontima Winded hardened steel bushingsKontima Winded hardened steel bushings
Winded hardened steel bushings
These are used where the operating conditions are very severe due to high loads and rough surroundings. Winded hardened steel bushings are equivalent to turned hardened steel bearings but have certain advantages over these since assembly and disassembly is done by hand without the help of tools. In addition, the grease is spread efficiently across the bearing surface thanks to the "inbuilt" spiral lubricant groove.
Kontima Feroform composite bearingsKontima Feroform composite bearings
Feroform composite bearings
FEROFORM is a term found in the shipping industry, offshore industry and in water construction technology and other areas where quality material is in demand. Feroform is a series of composite materials developed to offer designers a durable material that:
  • is strong 
  • has a low coefficient of friction 
  • withstands difficult environments 
  • is user-friendly, can be machined 
  • is insensitive to most chemicals 
  • is electrically insulating 
  • withstands temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius up to +260 degrees 
  • is easily installed 
  • in most cases is lubrication free

Kontima Hardened steel bushingsKontima Hardened steel bushings
Hardened steel bushings
Hardened steel bushings are used where other types of steel or bronze bearings are worn out too quickly due to high dynamic loads.
The hardness is 58-62 HRC. The bushing comes either with race, hole and groove or as plain smooth bearings.
  • Available in sizes for shaft diameter 20 mm up to 90 mm.
  • Special dimensions on request.
Kontima Solid lubricant bronze bearingsKontima Solid lubricant bronze bearings
Solid lubricant bronze bearings

These bronze bearings with integrated lubricants are maintenance free and suitable for applications with high loads and for high temperatures.

Also suitable for applications where high corrossion resistance is needed. Sizes from 8 – 160 mm available as standard. Special sizes and forms like plates, washers etc. are available on request.

Kontima Solid lubricant bronze bearingsKontima Solid lubricant bronze bearings
Solid bronze bearings
Solid bronze bearings are suitable for high load and low speed applications.
  • The bushings need to be lubricated.
  • All sizes can be supplied with or without axial groove for lubrication.
  • Special sizes can be made according to customer request including customized parts such as plates, washers, rails etc.